Now Offering Microblading

Now Offering Microblading

7655 Girard Avenue. Suite 125 La Jolla, California

Now Offering Microblading!

Interested in Finding Out More?

  • $550 – Full Price*
  • *Includes 1st Touch up within 6-8 weeks

  • Consultation- $50
  • If you are unsure about Microblading, come in for a consultation. All consultations will be done on a separate day than your Microblading treatment. During your consultation we will;
    1. Measure and shape your brows
    2. Pick your brow color
    3. Answer any questions you may have

  • Additional Touch up $350
  • Brow Correction $650
  • Note: May take up to 3 sessions to correct

  • Microblading plus Microshading $700
  • Microblading Photo Gallery!