What is the difference between Hard wax and Honey wax?

Hard Wax can be applied as thick as desired and only adheres to the hair follicle. This enables the esthetician to go over the same spot more than one time. It is a more gentle wax than Honey Wax and is used for sensitive areas of the skin. Our Honey Wax comes from all natural ingredients! Honey Wax is applied very thin and adheres to the skin and the hair. Because Honey Wax adheres to the skin, it causes exfoliation. Therefore, Honey Wax should only be applied in one spot one time only or discomfort and skin irritation may occur.

How do I prepare for Wax?

If possible, shave the desired wax area. Let the hair grow to 1/4 to ½ of an inch for Traditional Wax. If you do not take pain well, it is recommended to take an ibuprofin or aspirin 45 minutes to an hour before your next appointment. You can also purchase numbing creams that can be applied 30-45 minutes before your appointment. Alcohol and caffeine are pain inhibitors and are not recommended.

Does it hurt?

Yes, there is some discomfort with Traditional Waxing and may vary per person. Our technique allows us to work in a timely manner to help with pain. We also create a soothing environment to calm any unnecessary anxiety.

Can I get a wax on my period?

Yes you can, but we recommend that you avoid scheduling your appointment during this time because you are more sensitive during your menstrual cycle causing higher pain and discomfort.

Can I get waxed if I am pregnant?

Yes you can! There is nothing unsafe about it. However, because you have more blood flowing to the skin, you are more sensitive causing pain and discomfort.

How long will my wax last?

With Honey Wax, you will have approximately 2-3 weeks of desired smooth skin. Clients will see superior results after just a few treatments.

What practices should I avoid prior to getting waxed?

It is very important to let your esthetician know if you are on any exfoliants, especially Retin-A, Accutane, or antibiotics due to the sensitivity these products cause to the skin. Also, please allow 24 hours before sun exposure. Your skin is lightly exfoliated when waxed, causing the fresh skin prone to burn and hyperpigmentation. Always wear SPF!