Eyebrow Microblading Artist & Educator

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  • Microblading & Eyebrow Specialist
  • Specialized Wax Services
  • Customized Spa & Medical Grade Facials

    Meet Kelly, striving to be the best in her industry!

    Training for more than half her life as a gymnast, Kelly Mathiasen dedicated years of hard work into something she was motivated and passionate about. She quickly realized that her success was the bi-product of her hard work, self motivation, and passion. After an amazing 18 year career, and numerous achievements, Kelly was on a mission to find her next passion.

    Now in the Beauty industry, she strives to be the best. With over 7 years experience, thousands of clients under her belt, she has found her new passion in this industry, she is unstoppable.

    Throughout her years as an aesthetician, she has come up with one of the fastest, most efficient, and almost painless brazilian/bikini wax techniques around. Using only the highest quality wax, along with the combination of hard wax, and strip wax, you will be done within 15 minutes. She claims that the most important quality is being sanitary, never double dipping the wax sticks and, of course, making you feel comfortable.

    Although talented in numerous practices as an aesthetician, she lists Eyebrows at the very top. She claims, “the eyebrows are the strongest feature because they frame the face and are very expressive.” Paying very close attention to detail, she waxes, brushes, trims & microblades the brows to fit the structure of each individual’s face to perfection. Why go anywhere else?